health and fitness

Physical and mental well-being for people of all ages has a direct impact on the social and economic outlook for communities. It reduces burdens on public health services and increases productivity. Whether you represent a public health service provider or private business, get in touch to discuss what we can do for you to support your communications strategy.


Exhibition backdrop and associated conference materials

The Alkaptonuria Society is a charity whose ultimate goal is to find a cure for the debilitating rare disease Alkaptonuria (AKU). This includes clinical trials to measure the effectiveness of nitisinone, the first potential treatment for AKU. The charity helps raise awareness of AKU among the general public and healthcare professionals around the world. They came to us to design exhibition backdrops and other printed materials for distribution at a major healthcare conference.

Exhibition stand
Display backdrop

Healthcare recruitment website and candidate packs: design

A national healthcare recruitment agency required a microsite to be produced within a few days for a national organisation's senior board role placement.

We produced a fully responsive website with Google Analytics reports for monitoring website use, social media and advertisement referrals, plus downloadable candidate packs in both English and Welsh languages.

Elite sports fitness centre: photography

Photography of professional sports men and women undergoing performance analysis in a central London facility.


Physiotherapy at a residential care facility: photography


Physiotherapy for these care home residents in Minehead, Somerset, is a vital element of care, helping to reduce the debilitating impacts of pain and discomfort, and supporting care home staff.

Candidate pack for leading healthcare provider

Superfast turnaround of a high quality 16-page recruitment document designed to comply with existing corporate branding.